How to save $8000 this year… without a side hustle!

Want to save money so you can travel the world? Fund your avocado toast addiction? Pay off your loan shark so he doesn’t snap your spine??

Then this post is for you!

Here are the money hacks I have built on since I left home. I saved enough to have a year off work after my daughter was born, not to mention paying for solar and a new car this year, all while working a regular office job.

Grocery Shopping

I didn’t go to the academy for this

I make a list of what we need for meals, toiletries, household stuff, pet food etc.

We use Woolworths online for groceries every week, and have a Delivery Unlimited Saver which gives us a year’s worth of deliveries for only $119. That’s only $2.29 per week. Less than the cost of driving to the store, let alone the risk of coat-hangering the bitch who steals your park when you totally had your indicator on… ahem, where was I.

We’ve been using it for over 6 years now, and it’s blissful knowing I can do the groceries on my phone while breastfeeding (have literally done that), and a lovely man will deliver it to our doorstep 🙂 🙂 🙂 because I HATE the shopping-centre cattle stampede. Fuck that. Stay home and let the internet do the work.

The other thing I noticed, was that when I went into the physical store, despite having a list and trying my damnedest not to impulse-buy the half price choccies, I wouldn’t get out of there without dropping at least 150 bucks… then somehow, shopping online I will consistently average $120 a week.

Savings: $30 per week = $1,560 towards that cruise that will totally not turn into a floating corona virus quarantine.

PLEASE NOTE: As at 19/3/20 online orders with anyone are on hold due to all the panic-buying, toilet paper hoarding sheep… so hold off until things are normal again!

Coffee – the drug habit that gives back

I love a good flat white, but they add up. Don’t get me wrong, I still have a coffee habit; but I’m on that Moccona Vanilla or Hazelnut flavour now. I buy up when they’re on special for $6 or 7 a jar. I still get to drink something nicer than the free coffee-flavoured garbage juice in the lunch room, and I will still have one or two ‘real’ coffees a week (usually the weekend). But do the math, my dude.

$5.50 x 7 days a week x 52 weeks per year = $2,002 per year!!!


Get yourself on a quality instant, or BYO coffee stuff to work. I go through a jar per month, which costs me about $84 a year.

Moccona $84 a year, plus my real coffees twice a week only costs $656. Just saved ya $1,346. Boom.

Leftover game: BOSS

Lunches can be cheap and nasty (tuna and cup noodles) or tasty but cost you more than lip fillers and a year’s worth of lash extensions! You won’t catch me on IG posting filtered shots of my buddha bowls anytime soon, but me and meal-prepping go wayback. I just call them ‘leftovers’.

A large casserole dish of just about anything can be split up into 8 portions and frozen for lunches (some freeze better than others). A favourite in our house is Enchiladas with Jalapeno Cheese & Mexican Rice.

This recipe makes 8 generous servings of the meal, which freezes well, and damn it’s tasty. Gotta have that dollop of sour cream too.

Savings in a year of leftovering: $3600 less $972 = $2,628 which, if spent on said lashes/lips, could snag you an influencer career or at least a sugar daddy. It’s an investment.

Take out the take-out

Some days ain’t shit, and the last thing you feel like doing is cooking. So if you’re anything like me, you’ll grab pizza or Chinese on your way home (or for extra lazy points, make someone else pick it up for you).

For a while there, we’d get take-out twice a week. Not even necessarily because I’d had a hard day… just cos. And it cost my lazy arse $3,120 a year! Christ on a bike… something had to change. So I made one small change: have take-out only once a week, and keep some chicken tenders and potato gems in the freezer for emergencies. Our faves are Woolworths brand chicken tenders (they actually taste like chicken, not sawdust), and a meal will only cost us a teensy $6.

That’s a saving of $1,248 or a new iPhone.


I first heard about this from a ClickFrenzy customer. It means that for online shopping at lots of participating retailers, you click through to the retailer’s site from ShopBack (either the app, or web), and you get a percentage of your spend as cashback! I made $100 just from buying a small amount of Christmas gifts last year. The best thing, which I use weekly, is the 5% off Wish gift cards promo. I buy the gift card and use it to pay for my Woolies shopping online each week! (Just remember, you cannot get cashback AND use a gift card).

To get $5 bonus cashback, use my link.

Enjoy saving at least $312 per year!

Fee-free banking

Real talk: banks ain’t shit. I had an account from before I was born and the brand loyalty got me nothing… they were more than happy to pocket my fees, including a nice big hefty one if I ever overdrew my savings. We’ve all been there, right??

ING Direct came to the rescue. I, my husband and brother all enjoy fee-free banking by having an Orange Everyday account which our pay goes into, and a linked Savings Maximiser with a good interest rate, the perfect spot to park all the dollars you’re saving with my hot tips 😉

Guess what else… because this bank is online only and don’t have their own ATM network… YOU CAN USE WHATEVER ATM YOU LIKE AND THEY’LL INSTANTLY REFUND YOU THE FEE!! Any. ATM. You. Want. Yes, even the one in the corner of the daggy pub where you get a schnitty and a cold one. The freedom still blows my mind.

YMMV, but I save at least $250 a year just from having no account-keeping fees, no ATM fees, and no dramas if I accidentally overdraw by a few bucks. Freedom to the people! Get a bonus $50 when you switch by using this referral. (Not a sponsored post, just a fan!)

Grow something

Ok, so, I swear we’re not a crunchy-hippy-organic-vegan-hipster family… but even my junk-food loving husband cannot resist my Rainbow Salad, using kale we grow in the yard. I’m a total black thumb, but you literally just stick the seeds in the ground somewhere that gets lots of sun and just keep the soil moist. It’s not hard! And my tiny human loves helping with the watering.

Best of all… sad, wilted, not-at-all-tasty bunches of kale from the supermarket cost $5, and don’t even last all week… so I’m saving $260 a year! Seriously, try the salad. It’s

What’s costing you a fortune? What do you find hardest about sticking to a budget? And what would you rather spend that dough on?

Slide into the comments section, and share with a friend or family – but not your mum. I swear a lot.

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