Rainbow Kale Salad

This dish lands on our table minimum once, usually twice a week. It’s definitely a tasty way to get a whole bunch of veggies into your diet, and having home-grown kale on hand all year round makes it convenient and cheap. TRY THE SALAD. We love having it with crispy-skinned salmon & potato bake, but it goes with everything and you can put whatever dressing you like on it! It’s a bit of a ‘kale-slaw’ type of thing, so I prefer a creamy garlicky dressing.


5-6 large kale leaves, washed, de-ribbed and finely sliced

A handful of sweet cherry/grape tomatoes, quartered

1/3 – 1/2 a fresh beetroot, grated

Canned corn kernels, drained

A few sliced spring onions

Optional: grated carrot, or parmesan cheese


Literally just mix it in a bowl, it’s not rocket surgery…

Dress with whatever dressing you like. I love Praise Deli Style Creamy Roast Garlic, el hubbo loves Praise fat-free Italian (not a sponsored post, just a coincidence), and el kiddo is only 2 so she enjoys her salad tossed on the floor.

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